September 15, 2010 Jimmy Dunne

The ‘Sky Rider’

The airlines industry introduced a fabulous new airline-direction today… the ‘SkyRider.’ Instead of sitting in a seat on the plane, you sit/stand straight up, like a cowboy, in a ‘saddle.’ Dominique Menoud, the spokesperson said, “Cowboys ride 8 hours a day on their horses, and still feel comfortable in the saddle.” Instead of seats being 32 inches away from the guy behind you, he’s now in his saddle breathing down your back 23 inches away.

Boy, that sounds like a fun plane ride.

I’ve got an idea for the industry to save even more space, and cram more people on a flight. Let’s skip carry-on luggage all together. God only knows how many people you could shove in those overhead racks. More than enough room for short people, and lots of old people. Or what about ‘Convertible Class’ seating? There’s gotta be a way you could strap a bunch of people on the wings…


Jimmy Dunne.