A few recent screenplays…

“Fire and Ice”

Written by Jimmy Dunne

The Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament is the largest high school sporting event in the country; where players from every corner of the state defend the heritage of their towns, their schools, and their families.

Every winter, 120,000 Minnesotans make a pilgrimage to the state championships. It captures higher TV ratings in the state than the Super Bowl. Tickets to the Championship Games are willed to ancestors. School children are given days off to stay home with their families to experience the Final 8 teams’ matches.

Takes place in a small, iron range town in Northern Minnesota.  It’s about a gifted hockey senior, suppressing the guilt of the family secret; after an accident, blaming himself for his parent’s divorce, his father’s career, his sister’s weight, and everything else in his family’s life.  We follow his heroic journey dealing with a jealous father, his mentoring coach, his sisters, the emotional demons that tear him apart — and his town’s need to declare its soul.

Download a PDF copy:
Fire and Ice 6


“On Being a Delaney”

Written by Jimmy Dunne

A family drama about whether a gifted child can find extraordinary in his life; and how he deals with a domineering father and the suicide of his sister.

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