i think of you

in the heat of a sleepless night
in the dusty morning light
i think of you
in the sheets that twist and burn
as I toss and as I turn
i think of you

the curve of your body under your clothes
the touch of your hand on my skin
the echo of smoke I still taste on your mouth
from the fire within

in a crowd or all alone
on a highway far from home
i think of you
every cloud in the angry sky
every shadow passing me by
i think of you

each song on the radio mile after mile
sings with the sound of your voice
i try to forget you just for a while
but I have no choice
i think of you

in my room, in my bed
your body dancing in my head
i think of you

each time you leave me alone in the dark
i wait for your knock on the door
i feel such hunger inside of me now
and I want you more
more and more and more
i think of you

in the sound of the falling rain
in the pleasure and the pain
i think of you

anytime, anyplace
you’re the ghost in every face
in the light of the moon
i think of you


Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne & Amanda McBroom