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Links I recommend visiting…

The closest I’ve ever come to seeing God is through the art and thinking of extraordinary people. I’ve listed some artists, writers, philosophers, scientists, spiritual teachers, etc. that I highly recommend spending some time with.

“The Cosmos”
“Pale Blue Dot”
“The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence”
“Broca’s Brain”
“Contact: a Novel”
“Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors: A Search for Who We Are”
“Billions and Billions”
Carl Sagan
“The Cosmos” is an incredible book (and video) written by one of the most fascinating thinkers of the past hundred years.  Examines modern astronomy in the broad context of science, culture and history.  Sagan, who recently died, was a Pulitzer Prize winner, and Co-founder and President of the Planetary Society.  Extraordinary thinker and scientist.  Was all about one word; wonder.

“A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History”
Michael H. Hart
A fascinating perspective of what individuals have made the biggest difference in the past 4,000 years.  In this revised edition, he holds steady with hop rankings; Muhammad is #1, Isaac Newton is #2, and Jesus Christ is #3.

“The E-Myth Revisited”
Michael E. Gerber
Of the plethora of business books advocating how to better run a business system; this one is the best of the bunch.  Smart, simple and inspiring; all from a cranky old man from Petaluma, California.  Gerber is founder of E-Myth Worldwide.

“Probability 1: Why There Must Be Intelligent Life in the Universe”
“Statistics: Concepts and Applications”
Amir D. Aczel
The first book is a mathematical-driven persuasive argument promoting the likelihood of life in the universe.  Its strength is his grasp of cosmology, mathematics, religion and physics.

“The Power of Myth”
“Reflections on the Art of Living”
“The Hero with a Thousand Faces”
“The Masks of God: Primitive Mythology”
“The Mythic Image”
“Myths, Dreams and Religion”
Joseph Campbell
Leader in Comparative Mythology.  Taught forever at Sarah Lawrence College.  Enlightening perspective on the role of “story” across cultures and millenniums.  While an agnostic, one of the most spiritual individuals ever put on this planet.

“On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection”
“Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life”
“The Descent of Man”
Charles Darwin
Originator of the theory of organic evolution by means of natural selection.  His strength was his passion for his work; and his ability to surround himself with smart folks of the time: Jean Lamarck, Alfred Wallace, his grandfather Erasmus Darwin, and Thomas Malthus.

“A Hole in the Universe”
“The Universe and the Teacup”
“First You Build a Cloud”
K.C. Cole
An incredible, common-sense mind — with an ability to write in an Everyman language.  While her love is mathematics, she’s deeply grounded in micro physics and astronomy.

“The World Treasury of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics”
Timothy Ferris
From Albert Einstein to Stephen Hawking and from Annie Dillard to John Updike — an eloquent and inspired collection from more than 90 of the last century’s best-known writers.

“Cosmic Horizons: Astronomy at the Cutting Edge”
Steven Soter and Neil deGrasse Tyson
A brilliant look at contemporary thinking about black holes, dark matter, Olbers’ Paradox,  Europa, and gamma ray bursts.

“The Wisdom of Ages”
Wayne W. Dyer
An enlightening look at how the greatest artists and thinkers apply to the actions of our everyday lives.

“The King’s Pawn”
Father George Dunne, S.J.
Extraordinary Catholic Jesuit priest.  Holds at PH.D. in International Relations from the U. of Chicago.  Missionary in China, mischievous apostle, social activist and scholar.  My Uncle.

“Coming of Age in the Milky Way”
“The Whole Shebang: A State-of-the-Universe(s) Report”
Timothy Ferris
One of the best science writers of our time recounts the intellectual adventure of our discovery of space and time and of the physical laws that govern the universe.

“Mr. Dooley”
“Finley Peter Dunne and Mr. Dooley”
Finley Peter Dunne
Our pride and joy in the family tree, Finley was one of America’s finest columnists; author of “Mr. Dooley’s” daily column in the early 20th Century for the Chicago Tribune.  His son, Phillip, (who died a few years ago) founded the Writer’s Guild, and won an Oscar for writing and directing “How Green is My Valley.”  “Mr. Dooley” gives great insight into Irish Catholics and the glory of America’s melting pot culture.

“The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”
“Creating Affluence”
Body, Mind, and Soul: The Mystery and the Magic”
“How to Know God: The Soul’s Journey Into the Mysteries of Mysteries”
Deepok Chopra, M.D.
Physician, author, lecturer. Chief of Staff at Boston Regional Medical Center.   Believes in the ancient Hindu tradition of holistic healing, Ayurveda (a Sanskrit term meaning “knowledge of life”).

“Live in a Better Way: Reflections of Truth, Love and Happiness”
Dalai Lama, Renuka Singh (Compiler)

“A Brief History of Time”
Stephen Hawkings
What an extraordinary mind; questioning and expanding the revolutionary concepts of Einstein.