March 21, 2011 Jimmy Dunne



Deciding What to Do About Libya

I was watching something about Libya today, and was thinking about my seventh-grade buddy, Bobby Varno.

Bobby was the most bad-ass kid in our class at St. Francis.   Fast, aggressive and a big first punch.  Nice guy, just got in too many fights all the time.  He told me he hated Tom Vicerello’s guts, and was going to pound his face in.

I told him that was bad idea — that Vicerello had a bunch of friends — that were bigger and meaner.  That they’d be the problem, not Vicerello.

He pounded Vicerello anyways.  Beat the living crap out of him.  Guess what Vicerello did?  Got all his hoodlum friends to go after my buddy.  For the next two years, became my buddy’s worst nightmare.

And I even warned my buddy, “Didn’t you just do the same thing to Steve Galinski?  Didn’t everybody say he wasn’t the bully — that you were?   Why would you want everybody in the world to hate your guts?”

The moral of the story…

Just because you can beat some jackass up, doesn’t mean you should.



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