I like the way you’re dressing
And I don’t mean the clothes you wear
I’m talking about how
You spin me somehow
And you’re doing it
By just standing there

705321_10151460072807844_58894799_oI like the way you’re talking
And I don’t mean the words you say
It’s the language that’s oozing
Right out of your skin
Baby, you sure got a way.

You undress me, caress me, you mess me all up
I’m down on my knees like a whipped little pup
You uhhh me, you’re doing my mind
Baby, you’re messing me up

I sure like that scent that just hit me
And I don’t mean the perfume you wear
It’s sending me places I’ve never been
Honey, you’re taking me there



Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne

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