Theme song of “Joanie Loves Chachi” Series
ABC Television


There’s something magic in the way you hold me in your eyes
No one ever warned me love just takes you by surprise
I don’t know what’s come over me –you’ve got me hypnotized
When you look at me

harr1This feeling’s not like anything I’ve know before
You’re all I dreamed that love would be and so much more
I can’t believe it’s true — you feel the way I do
When you look at me

You look at me
As soft as any touch could be
And suddenly it happens
You just look at me
And I can see forever
A perfect love – endlessly

I never noticed how the moonlight dances on the sea
I never saw a thousand things that lover’s eyes can see
I thought love ties you down, but it just sets my spirit free
When you look at me

Loved stirred in me when we were just the best of friends
My heart imagines all the dreams we’ve yet to spend
Your eyes can’t say enough – because what I see is love
When you look at me

You look at me…

You look and see the best in me
As only love can do
You look at me — and magically
I see myself in you

Music by Jimmy Dunne

Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne and Pamela Phillips Oland


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