I was born for you — You were made for me
Even though we look at love so differently
You say love is chance – a riddle in a ring
I know love is at the heart of everything

775253_10151227967782844_523569864_oEvery time I look into your face
A feeling comes and takes me out of time and out of space
Wherever we’re here together
We know this will last forever

When hearts collide
The world around you shatters
When hearts collide
Love is all that matters
A miracle of two
A universe of me and you

You are silver blue — I am gold and green
Together we make all the colors in between
Every time we touch — Everything we see
Turns into passions — this is love’s alchemy

I feel you there in everything I do
And all I want is just to spend eternity with you
It’s right here where we are
You know it’s not very far



Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne and Amanda Mc Broom


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