I feel I’m on a sailboat drifting out to sea
It can’t reach the shore because there isn’t any breeze
I am like a captain trying to keep faith
Because just like the weather, luck is known to change

The wind will blow
The wind will blow
The wind will blow my way
I know my friend, these hard times will end any day
Oh, I know my ship can make it in
The wind will blow my way

Now I wish for easy passage, but I understand
Life is what happens when there’s something else planned
I can’t use my sails — I’m not losing hope
I’ll just row that boat ’till that old wind blows

The wind will blow…

I can see my home from here
I will cross these waters without fear
My hands may bleed from this old oar
But I’ll row this boat, row this boat
Row this boat to shore

The wind will blow…

Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne & Tia M. Sillers


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