I sleep here in this box right off of the street
It’s cold at night, but the price you just can’t beat
I wake up every morn’ right next to my best friend
We bitch about the way it is, and why it was back when
I drink so I can dream my pride and hurt away
But God says my next life will go my way

The next time around I’ll be the richest kid
I’ll live in a house like you wished you did
With a dad that hits me baseballs
Every Sunday afternoon
And a Mom that rocks me fast asleep
To a made-up little tune
And I’ll become an astronaut
And fly me to the moon
The next time around… you’ll see

I lost my best friend, Kay.  I found her late last night
She said, “There’s nothing in tomorrow,” so she just gave up the fight
I think I’ll do the same — say goodbye to my old life
I’ve got no kids, I’ve got no stuff; I’ve never had a wife
I know that there’s a God, and he’ll take care of me
And maybe Kay will be where I will be

The next time around I’m gonna be a star
I’m gonna buy me a horse and a Mercedes car
And for all the cops that shooed me
When they had nothing else to do
For all you folks that stared at me
Like I was crazy, too
I’m gonna hit the jackpot
We’ll see who laughs at who
The next time around… you’ll see

Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne


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