I can’t believe I’m really here beside you
A dream I thought I’d never realize
Words just can’t explain what I feel inside of me
From this moment on my heart belongs
To no one else but you

Dreams have a way of coming together
And the one I wanted most is coming true
My heart is feeling lighter than a feather
When you look at me it’s plain to see
That we were meant to be

Just let this feeling last forever
They say true love is just too hard to find
If ever we’re lost we’ll find our way together
I’m going to stay around
Because the love we found
So few could ever find…
The lasting kind

I can’t remember what I did without you
The best part of my life has just begun
All I ever do is think about you
So let’s make a vow
Right here and now
And together we’ll see it through


Music by Jimmy Dunne

Lyrics by Norman Saleet


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