We built a new home in the suburbs
It’s better than I dreamed
Annie’s fine, as for the kids
You can’t imagine what they mean
What can I say, my job is great
We just had our biggest year
Everything a guy could ever want in life is here

But something’s missing in my life
And I wonder if it’s you
You’ll never get this poem
Because there’s nothing I can do
I wouldn’t do it to my kids
I wouldn’t do it to my wife
But I think it’s you
I’m missing in my life

I know this seems insipid
I can’t forget that night last fall
One dance at a reunion
And I want to change it all
But when I held you in my arms
And felt your body against mine
The romance left in college
Was right inside my mind

Maybe what’s missing in my life
Isn’t really you
Maybe I just wish
That I could be the guy you knew
You reminded me of things
I really loved about my life
I think it’s me I’m missing
I think it’s me
I’m missing in my life

Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne

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