One of us must have said the hurting word
Two hearts are cryin’ and we both were tryin’
But it never seemed to work
So many times before I swore I’d never fall again
But then when you’re lonely and you’re given a smile
It sure can take you in

Why do we never say all the things we really feel
Why do we turn and walk away just when we know it’s real
Sometimes I wonder if anybody really wants to be loved
We’re out on an ocean of churnin’ emotion
Just needin’ a kiss and a tug

Love’s forever
Love’s forever
Even when it breaks your heart
I believe that love’s forever
Love’s forever
Even when it falls apart
But the hardest thing to do
Is leave a piece of you
Inside of somebody else
Love’s forever
Even when it breaks your heart

I stood on the edge of the best thing to happen in a long, long time

I’m sad on a Saturday, down through a Sunday – ’bout to lose my mind
I think of a time and a place and a face
That’s waitin’ just for me
But everything looked different
When you were here with me

Sometimes I wonder how I made it through the lonely nights
But now that you’re with me
I see that together we could make it right

Chorus, Instrumental, and Chorus


Music and Lyrics by David Lasley and Jimmy Dunne