When two hearts collide
When higher they climb
1278973_10151648443157844_1982272682_oThe feelings run so deep
That I just tremble and hide
I get dizzy from it all
‘Cause I know I’m gonna fall in love again

What makes a man
What to go back there again
To feel the warmth of a stranger
You’re sure you know
And what makes one touch
That you just can’t get enough of
So precious and so dear
Is that what brought us here

It’s a mystery to me
How we ever got this far at all
A mystery to me
But, baby, here we are
Because the flame that burns for love
Found a fire in both of us so sweet
And it will always be
A mystery to me

If I ever make you cry
By not standing by your side
It’s only ’cause I’m chasing
Some old dream of mine
And I bet you’ve got them too
If it’s what we’ve got to do
To keep us strong
Then let’s play along


Here I am — there you go
We act like fools, break all the rules
Guess you’ve got to give love room to grow




Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne, David Lasley, and Robin Lerner


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