I stopped into a cafe where we used to go
And ran into an old friend that we used to know
We reminisced and talked a while
Of the things we couldn’t change
Then he asked me about you
And it really hit me strange

1167674_10151582034987844_416701796_oI’d always feel a rush when you walked into a room
I’d recognize the musky sweet of your perfume
I feel a tightness round my heart
Remembering that you’re gone
How can the friendship die
But the love go on and on

Because it all begins again
Loving you as I did then
Like an old familiar tune
You haunt me, you taunt me
And it all begins again…

We don’t take care of love the way we ought to do
We take it all for granted ‘because it’s not brand new
And all that I remember now
Is how we felt so good
People told me I’d forget you
And I always thought I would — but

It all begins again…

Walking out on you was wrong
Never knew you’d be so strong
Do you ever miss me now?
Could we turn the dream around?
Could it all begin again somehow?

It all begins again


Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne & Pamela Oland 


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