I’m at a time in my life filled with passion
When so much that I hope for may come true
1962718_10152024843052844_959999781_nMy kids are at an age where dreams are endless
When there’s nothing in their lives that they can’t do

My wife is embracing a new found freedom
Nurturing the talents in her soul
Balancing her love of being a mother
With a career that fills her dreams and makes her whole

But in the wonder
In the challenge
In the majesty of moments every day

I’m racing — I’m just racing
Racing to get more out of each day
Now I’m facing — truly facing
That what I love the most – gets in the way

I’m victim of the Everyman’s seduction
A yearning for the high of power and wealth
Even when I’m home I’m always working
There’s no time for my family – or myself

Where’s the wonder
Where’s the challenge
Where’s the majesty of moments every day


Our attic’s getting fuller every minute
We’re saving every thing the kids have done
I’m living an illusion there’s a someday
I can’t admit the someday has begun

I’m still racing…

Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne



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