Don’t know if a song can touch you anymore
I know you taught me more than I can teach you
861290_10151323629492844_397516949_oBut I’m still standing here on this cold and barren shore
Trying to find the words so that I can reach you
Bridges that I thought I’d burned
And there’s something that I’ve learned
That I must tell you now
Though it’s been a long, long time since you’ve heard it

If there are no happy endings
There are only happy days
And my days are only happy when I’m with you
You might be a little scared
A little unprepared
But your feelings will disappear
When you feel the love I have to give you

Take a journey with me across a sea of time
The beauty of your soul had just awaken
Remember how we thought we’d have an easy time
Just like all the rest we were mistaken
And if we could go home again
You know that I would do it in a second
And we have things to settle in this lifetime
No one wants to wait till the next one



Music by Jimmy Dunne, Lyrics by Gerry Goffin


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