On the road to happiness
Some get lost and some get blessed
That’s the way the winds of fortune blow
So I just keep going where I’ve never gone before
Chances are the chances
Won’t come knocking on my door
And if I take one step I can take…
One more

1167674_10151582034987844_416701796_oIf I dare to dream
Behind my eyes I’ll see
I can get from where I am
To where I want to be
Inside my heart
The answers are all there
If I dare to dream

There’s no wall too high to scale
There’s no sea too rough to sail
Following the compass of my heart
Maybe there’s a calling that only I can hear
All I know I’ve got to trust in
Something deep in here
And I won’t make happen what I fear…
To start

If I dare to dream…

Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne and Pamela Oland



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