Once I loved you, now I love you better
What a feeling when the feeling changed
I painted a mental picture
I colored with years of dreams
Of someone I’d want to see
Each night lying close to me…
It’s your face

Once I knew you, now I know you better
You’re the friend I’ve needed all along
Happy with just each other
Safe in our private world
Forgetting material thingsharr3
We once thought our lives depended on

All I’ve longed for
And dreamed I’d find
Is happening to me
Body, soul and mind
I loved the way we loved before
When we thought we’d felt it all
Who could know how deep we’d fall
Every day I love you more

Once I held you, now I hold you tighter
Now I know I’ll never let you go
Out of a world of strangers
I found my world in you
No one could love the way we do

Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne & Pamela Oland