harr1Like the rustle of the trees
The whisper of the breeze
The feeling stirred me gently at the start
All at once I knew
That what it takes is you
To fill the empty corners of my heart
Behind my closed eyes you’re always with me
Till there was you, I couldn’t know
Love is the difference
I can’t let this feeling go

Love is tender
Love is wild
Love is you — that’s all I know
Right or wrong
I can’t let this feeling go

I lay awake at night
In my mind, I hold you tight
And imagine how you feel against my skin
I yearned for someone’s kiss
To make me feel like this
I know now love’s a place I’ve never been
Invisible forces are pulling me to you
Falling just like a domino
Now that I’ve found it
I can’t let this feeling go

I can’t let this feeling go…

Out of my hands now
It’s a powerful magic
I can’t swim against the river’s flow
Feeling the need
And I can’t let this feeling go

Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne & Pamela Oland


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