Close your eyes, say a prayer for peaceful slumber
In the dark, I’ll be there to pull you under

10532385_10152244400867844_8720253191957589845_nI’ll do anything, anything, anything for you
I’d be anyone, anyone, anyone for you
I’ll be the dream that you dream at night
I’ll be the shadow to your light
I’d do anything, anything
Anything… for you

I‘d feel anything, anything, anything you feel
I would take what you desire and make it real
I’ll be the fire beneath your skin
I’ll be the wave that pulls you in
I’d do anything, anything… Anything for you

Do you know the secrets I keep?
My feelings so strong and so deep?
I’d do anything, anything
Anything… for you

I’d do anything, anything, anything to you
Every beat of my heart swears this love is true
Come to me, won’t you just whisper my name
Take what you want; I’m a moth to your flame
And I’ll do anything, anything
Anything… to you


Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne & Amanda McBroom

Anything for You