She’s not a bit like you
She’s kind of quiet for my taste
She doesn’t have a witty way with words
I don’t know what to do
I’m feeling so two-faced
The situation really is absurd
And I never would have loved you — all this long
If I hadn’t thought with all I’m worth
That here’s where I belong

I’ve had a change of heart
A change of dreams
A love that was a perfect fit
Is tearing at the seams
And I’ve cried for how I’ll hurt you
But there’s just no other way
I’ve had a change of heart
That’s taking me away

Your eyes have turned to ice
I guess I’ve really done it now
The dye is cast; there’ll be no turning back
And losing you’s the price
I never thought of that somehow
You’re hurt I know, I guess I better pack
I hear the words I’m saying
Yet it’s so hard to believe
The day would ever really come
That I would want to leave

But I’ve had a change of heart…

You’ve been the best thing in my life a long, long time
And since at last you’ve turned to me
And asked what’s on my mind


Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne and Pamela Oland