I sing to you tonight
You’re a candle in the darkness
A bright and shining light
So many different faces
Each one with a dream
An every-changing tapestry
More than what you seem

You live inside of me
You’re a vision and a promise
Of all that I can be
From the skyline of Manhattan
To the mountains of the West
There’s a hunger in your heart to be
The brightest and the best

You’re the face of every mother
And every child at play
The strength within a father’s arms
At the end of every day


You’re my home
You’re a torch against the sky
You’re the light in every window
To a stranger passing by
In every act of kindness

In ways both small and grand
I see courage and compassion
Your open heart and hand
Wherever life may take me — wherever I may go
You’ll always be the heart of me; this I swear I know

You’re my home

Music and Lyrics by Jimmy Dunne and Amanda McBroom