I read somewhere that when Michelangelo was asked how we was able to create “David,” he said that David was in the marble all along.  All he had to do was carve him out of there.
Standing in front of that piece in Florence 500 hundred years later gave me the feeling he didn’t quite have his arms around the gift he left the world.
But there is something I understand about what he meant…  The artistic quest of searching to showcase the extraordinary, the essence of life in whatever level of art you create.  Whether that art is in a music composition, a drawing, a dance, a poem, a photograph, playing music, or any other expression that becomes a canvas to say thank you to the world.
I love to take a walk with a camera in my hand because I am able to focus on the hunt…  The hunt for a peak in the window to an expression of the joy of life — that I find declares itself in the oddest of homes.  In the reflection of light on our water, on the bark of a tree deep in a forest, in the wind pushing against a leaf.  In those moments, in those rare treasured moments, I find myself drifting away from the world — to a hypnotic second home that is so quiet… where time moves so gently.
How I love how a camera holds my hand and walks me into that enchanted world…
— Jimmy.
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