the jewelry box

my wife catherine loves her jewelry.
not for its financial value, but for its emotional value.  every piece of her jewelry reminds her of people and moments in her life.
my birthday gift of a jewelry box to my 13-year old daughter will hopefully hold the treasures of my daughter’s young life.
in the box, i left a poem…
dear kaitlyn,
this is more than just a jewelry box
it’s a home in many ways
a place to keep your memories
that last all of your days
and may this box grow one day
to look a lot like you
a mirror of your life
and the journey you’ve been through
and may the richness in this box
be not in the gems and rings
but in a joy and happiness
that memories can bring
and when you open up the box
you’ll find a special place
it’s a mirror that holds an image
of god’s most precious face
for you’re the brightest diamond
the most exquisite pearl
you’re the greatest treasure
my lovely, little girl