Paul Bailly


My father–in-law, Paul Bailly, passed away at 80 years-old.

Paul was struck with a severe stroke in his home and drifted into a coma – where his condition steadily deteriorated.

Paul gently and painlessly passed away in his beautiful home – surrounded by pictures and keepsakes of extraordinary memories shared with his wife, Ginger, and his three kids that he treasured so dearly. Up until the night of his stroke, Paul did life. Right up to that day, he enthusiastically juggled a stack of architectural projects, he played tennis and continued to teach at USC and UCLA — where he’s inspired literally thousands of architectural students for the past 5 decades.

He found a way at 80 to hang on to the carousel of life when, at that age, for most – it often feels like the rest of the world is spinning far, far too fast.

If a man is measured by the love, time, attention and selflessness he unconditionally gave to his children through the arc of a lifetime; if a man is measured by the adoration, unwavering commitment, loyalty and respect he gave his wife; if a man is measured by the depth of lifelong, rich relationships he enjoyed with great friends – if a man is measured by his passion for and the noble cause of his life work and career… then Paul Bailly was a giant of men.

Paul was a well-traveled, intelligent gentlemen’s gentleman, who was an inquisitive student and beloved teacher — of the art of life.

My wife Catherine will miss her father and pal so profoundly; as will our kids and me — and we will all feel the presence of his shadow, and his heart, and his passion to make a difference in the world — for the rest our lives.


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