Our Cosmic Roller Coaster Ride

The next Sunday your body has become a part of your couch as you numbly gaze at a football game on the boob tube and your wife says, “You haven’t moved an inch this whole afternoon” – tell her this.
For openers, you are moving. That couch you’re plopped on is spinning itself around every day with everything else on our planet earth.
Think how fast it would feel if you were moving at the same speed you could run (15 miles per hour on a good day).
We’re not spinning at 15 miles per hour, or the speed of a BMW at 120; we’re spinning at 1,038 miles per hour. The faster roller coaster ride in the world will whip you around at about 140 mph.
We really, truly are spinning, that fast — in every definition of the word.
But don’t forget that the earth, our own little cosmic mite in the sky, takes 365 days to circle our sun. So how fast are we going around the sun?
We’re on a speed train right now going 18½ miles per second. That’s 1,110 mph a minute. 66,600 miles per hour.  We are hurling through outer space. And it’s not always a smooth ride; we’re constantly hitting pockets, bumps in the celestial road… We just don’t feel it.
And don’t even fathom how we’re playing “crack the whip” flying 450,000 mph around the hub of our Milky Way. Or how our little neighborhood of 200 billion suns, our galaxy, is plowing through our ever-expanding universe…
So next time your wife tells you that you haven’t moved an inch, tell her she’s way off.
You’re going 66,600 miles an hour.