It’s so funny that there’s just one word for ‘marriage.’  Or ‘love.’

Because what these words mean and feel like sure are different as time and experiences go by.

I think of what was swimming in my head on the day I was married; Valentine’s Day, 1987. Catherine was absolutely stunning. Truly stunning.

Here’s what I know.

She’s more beautiful now. She’s more full of life now.

The relationship she has with my two girls is so beautiful, so rich — and so passionate.

I’m humbled at her joie de vivre for life, her commitment to her family — and her ability to put up with me. I’m forever fascinated how she expresses her thrill of life through her art of interior design.

Lucky, lucky, lucky me to have become such a better person because of the woman I love and adore.

I wrote this song about it; “I Am More in Love with You.”

May you be blessed with such a life partner in your journey…