Jimmy Dunne’s “SMU” was performed at SMU’s university-wide graduation, along with many of the school’s graduation events.



A distinguished university located in the heart of Dallas, SMU was founded in 1911 and hosts 11,000 students from across the country and the world.   Jimmy Dunne’s two daughters went to SMU, and Jimmy has enjoyed being involved in various activities at the school.

While visiting his oldest daughter Kaitlyn on an early spring evening her freshman year, Jimmy was waiting for Kaitlyn on the revered “Boulevard” — an absolutely stunning tree-lined street that runs through the heart of campus.   Jimmy spotted his daughter at the other end of the Boulevard — and, as she walked towards him, Jimmy wrote “SMU.”  Since then, the song has become a part of the university’s graduations, fundraisers, campus events and alumni events, and even alumni’s weddings.

The song celebrates the heart and passion of this exceptional university…


Click below to hear two different versions of “SMU” — the original version, and a brass and vocal version.





Here’s a version performed at SMU’s graduation ceremonies…

SMU from Jimmy Dunne on Vimeo.