Jimmy Dunne has been spearheading an initiative to build 3 bocce courts at Pacific Palisades Park — with a primary intention of creating an activity for senior citizens to be able to enjoy the park.

Jimmy recently visited San Rafael Park in Marin Country — to study specifics around their success.  About 5 years ago, a group of bocce enthusiasts encouraged the city of San Rafael to put in bocce courts in their park; and bocce grew exponentially from day-one.   They now have expanded to 10 courts — and have 2,000 senior citizens (in 128 teams) playing in leagues on a weekly basis.   The courts are enjoyed by not only seniors, but kids, parents, young adults and grandparents alike.

“If we can create a ‘town center’ for senior citizens to be able to come to the park and enjoy time with other senior citizens — while getting exercise and taking in the beauty of a park setting — what a terrific addition it would be to our fantastic community,” said Jimmy Dunne.

Plans and specifics are in the works with both the Palisades Park Board and the LA City Board of Parks and Recreation — to not only build the three courts, but to redesign the picnic area for all to enjoy at the park.